【EU & USA Free Shipping】Fresh Alpine Tea 4 pcs - Dayulin Tea+Lishan Tea+Alishan Oolong+Alishan Juixian | teapark沁意茶苑

【EU & USA Free Shipping】Fresh Alpine Tea 4 pcs - Dayulin Tea+Lishan Tea+Alishan Oolong+Alishan Juixian

2300M Dayulin Tea, 2200M Lishan Tea, 1500M Alishan Oolong, 1200M Alishan Juixian
Taiwan's high altitude limited hand-picked! 4 kinds of fragrant oolong tea free shipping combination
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Strictly selected premium Taiwanese limited hand-picked high mountain tea!
Four types of fragrant oolong teas in three major tea areas at an altitude of 1200M~2300M

Fresh Alpine Tea 4 pcs
(1) Dayulin tea 150g
(2) Lishan tea 150g
(3) Alishan Oolong 150g
(4) Alishan Jinxuan 150g

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Dayulin Tea - Taiwan's highest altitude 2300M, the top limited mountain hand-picked fragrance oolong
Taiwan Dayulin tea area 95-100K. The tea garden is located on a steep slope of 60-70 degrees. The drop is about 100-200 meters. The temperature difference between day and night is large. The soil is rich in organic matter. The leaves are thick, pectin is strong, frost is obvious, and the mountains are heavy. Strong throat rhyme and other characteristics...

Hand-picked Qingxin Oolong tea. The dried tea is firm and even and emits a shiny dark green color. The tea soup is bright and honey yellow. Because it is made with a slightly fermented technology, the taste is very mellow and foam resistant, and it can be brewed for more than eight bubbles. . Bright floral and fruity aroma, unique alpine scent, smooth tea soup, and sweet resistance to foaming. 

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Lishan Tea-Taiwan's highest altitude 2200M, the top limited mountain hand-picked fragrance oolong
The high mountains in Taichung, Taiwan are about 2200 meters above sea level. The temperature is cool all year round. Many high-quality fruits and vegetables from the mountains are grown. Therefore, the tea area here has a unique and irreplaceable fragrance of flowers and fruits...

The tea is thick and has excellent texture, and the output is scarce. The tea soup is soft and sweet with a special natural floral and fruity aroma, refreshing and sweet, and the precious Taiwan mountain charm!

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Alishan Oolong Tea - Taiwan High Altitude 1500M, Zhangshu Lake Hand-picked Oolong
Alishan tea grows at an altitude of 1,500 meters in Taiwan. The Zhangshu Lake tea area in Alishan has steep terrain and great height differences in deep mountain forests. The geology is mostly rocky. The weather is cool, often covered by clouds and mist, and the average sunshine is short...

Lightly fermented and lightly roasted hand-picked Qingxin Oolong tea, the tea is thick, the spherical tea is dry and compact, dark green and shiny, the tea fragrance has irreplaceable rock rhyme and floral fragrance, and the irreplaceable Alishan mountain atmosphere!

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Alishan Jinxuan Tea - unique and elegant milky fragrance and natural floral fragrance
In the Meishan tea area of Alishan at an altitude of 1200 to 1300 meters, Jinxuan Oolong is hand-picked in spring and winter for a limited amount of time, and it is made with light fermentation and light roasting...

The Jinxuan tea baked by the tea master of the competition tea, the smooth and shiny dark green spherical oolong, after brewing, exudes a unique natural milk aroma, a touch of floral and bean aroma, and also has a unique rocky flavor of Alishan...tea fragrance Elegant, full of tea rhyme, refreshing and sweet, very popular among female friends!

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Produce:【European and American Free Shipping】Fresh Alpine Tea 4pcs
Content:Dayulin tea 150g 
                 Lishan tea 150g 
                 Alishan Oolong 150g 
                 Alishan Jinxuan 150g

Net weight:150gx4 boxes
Package:Vacuum bag+Box
Packing size:per box/ 8*12*6cm
Effective date:2 years

※If the tea is stored normally for more than two years, the flavor will be slightly different, but it can still be used. Please keep it sealed to avoid damp deterioration. The best taste period is about six months.


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